About JoJo’s

JoJo’s was founded by Jody Joseph & John Napierski in 2006. John and Jody have over 37 years of combined gunsmithing experience. With clientele nationwide, their work speaks for itself.

With the high level hand work applied to each firearm, clients are often surprised that high tech machinery is not involved in this process. The truth is that when dealing with firearms, the feel can tell so much more about the weapons operation than measuring and inspecting it can. That’s why there is no machine that can duplicate the results that a master gunsmith can produce by hand working the weapon.

Each firearm in JoJo’s Custom shop will be worked on by John and Jody and get all there attention until it is finished. This level of personalized attention is rare now a days.

When you deal with JoJo’s you will deal with the owners and know the people that will be handling your firearm. It’s this devotion to quality that separates JoJo’s from the other “discount” custom shops.